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Ranjith Matheswaran

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Ranjith Matheswaran is a highly accomplished iOS Developer and UI/UX Designer with a combined 15 years of experience at Plus One Real Estate. He has a demonstrated track record of creating top-notch mobile applications that prioritize high-quality user experiences.

Ranjithkumar's technical expertise is vast and includes fluency in Objective C, Swift, React Native, and Lua. He has a deep understanding of key iOS technologies, such as Cocoa Touch, Core Services, UIKit, CoreLocation, CoreBluetooth, CoreData, MVVM, and MVC.

Over the course of his career, Ranjithkumar has collaborated with a diverse range of clients, including startups and mid-sized companies, and has successfully delivered more than 15 native iOS applications. His proficiency in both development and design has allowed him to provide end-to-end solutions for his clients, delivering products that exceed user expectations while meeting business goals.

Ranjithkumar takes great pride in staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies, continuously expanding his skillset to ensure he can provide innovative and cutting-edge solutions for Plus One Real Estate.

Michele & Randy W.
Barbara & Paul S.
Janice T.
Barry & Patricia R.
Jac & Billie B.
Paul T.
Steve & Linda N.
Heather A.
Mickie & Hansi R.
Doug & Wendi V.
Brian H.
Dave & Rita S.
Desmond & Anmarie C.
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Matthew W.
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RoseAnne F.
Josh is the only person to contact if you want your home sold. His confidence, his knowledge, and his enthusiasm sold our home In 16 days. We had two other Realtors® that had our listing. not even an offer. Josh Reef is the Realtor® you need to sell your home only if you want it sold. He sold our friends home in a timely matter, I think it was Listed for about 23 days as well. The best advertising is wor...

— Michele & Randy W.

Josh got our house sold in 19 days after it had been on the market with another Realtor® for over a year. He gave us great advice on how to show the house better with relatively no money. His marketing was amazing. The pictures and video were great. He is easy to work with and very professional and personable. If I was selling again, he’d be the only one I would call.

— Barbara & Paul S.

Josh‘s determination, follow-up, communication, and total willingness to strategize with and most importantly listen to the client, sold my home. Josh found me by sending me a marketing letter, knowing my disappointment and frustration of not selling my home with the previous 3 Realtors® and no offers. I am so glad that he contacted me. Josh’s innovative marketing efforts and “never give up attitude”, ga...

— Janice T.

My wife and I chose Josh to represent us during the middle of a pandemic because we felt he gave us the best chance to sell our house. It was a second home for us (vacation) and because of the pandemic/down economy/housing market, we were concerned. Especially after another agency was unable to sell the home 6 months prior after having the listing for 4 months. Josh made a promise to us that he would fin...

— Barry & Patricia R.

Working with Josh Reef was a wonderful experience! Josh was recommended to me by a couple of people. I am so glad I took their advice! Josh got the job done when several other agents fell short. The house was only listed with him for two weeks when we had the offer. We had been trying to sell the house for several years. It’s a beautiful house but not a lot of buyers looking in the price range. His marke...

— Jac & Billie B.

Josh was a super agent during a terrible time to sell a house during lock downs in Los Angeles. When the right buyer came through Josh’s knowledge and negotiation skills helped secure the best price and great terms. Josh was a true pleasure to work with.

— Paul T.

Josh Reef is, by far, the most honest and capable agent with whom we have had ever worked. He is diligent and creative and highly communicative. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking to sell their home in this or any market.

— Steve & Linda N.

Josh has been an incredible asset in assisting us with selling our home! After having them listed with another “local” agent for over a year with no movement, Josh was able to bring in a new clientele and get our properties in escrow within days!

— Heather A.

We received a beautiful professional flyer in the mail, normally they don’t tempt us, but this one was so well done we kept it. We ended up contacting Josh Reef and found him informative, professional, and extremely easy to work with. He is charming but tough enough too and really is someone we highly recommend. My husband and I have been Real Estate Developers for 40+ years. We listed one home with Josh...

— Mickie & Hansi R.

If you are looking for the best agent to sell your house, look no further! My husband and I were blown away by the team of Josh Reef. We had gone two years without a single offer and they brought us an all cash offer in 27 days, at the tail end of the season. They were efficient, professional, dynamic, honest, and also kind and enjoyable to be around. They don’t make excuses, don’t put signs up and don’t...

— Doug & Wendi V.

I hired Josh Reef to market my luxury home in Palm Springs because I was impressed with the quality of his marketing materials and because I thought that his firm was catering to the right type of clients for luxury homes. I found Josh and his team to be thoroughly professional in every step of the sales process. The photographer he used was excellent and all the marketing materials were first class. Jos...

— Brian H.

Josh managed to close our high end property efficiently and with ease. Would thoroughly recommend him to other sellers. We had a very large home which in this climate is not an easy sell. Josh and his team organized great marketing and a fabulous video which took prospective purchasers through the home as if they were there themselves.

— Dave & Rita S.

We had the pleasure of completing a real estate home purchase with Josh Reef recently (September 2020) in La Quinta, Josh was the consummate professional from start to finish demonstrating excellent people skills and with responsive communication throughout the transaction. We’ve been involved in real estate transactions for several decades and found this to be one of the smoothest and most enjoyable pur...

— Desmond & Anmarie C.

We purchased a high end home thru Josh and he definitely helped the process. He was knowledgeable, kind and persistent. We would use his services again.

— Sid & Karen D.

Highly recommend Josh Reef for anyone that needs to sell their house at top dollar. With our previous agent, our house had been on the market for over 6 months and were advised to drop the price below market. We changed to Josh, and within a month we had our house sold well above market!

— Matthew W.

Best experience we have ever had with a Realtor®. He sold our home in four days and closed the escrow in two weeks. He was very professional and kept us informed of all the details as the sale progressed. I will recommend and use him in the future. He also found us a new home site that we will be building on soon.

— Dan & Katie A.

Josh was highly professional and laid out a strategy weeks ahead of putting it on the market to sell it in the shortest amount of time and at market price, he did it and the photographs of the home's interior and exterior were stunning, of the highest quality. I would recommend Josh to any friend or individual inquiring.

— Larry J.

We had a house for sale for one year with virtually no response and only a few showings. Turned listing over to Josh, and he immediately got right on it and sold, AND closed within two months of listing at a very favorable price. Josh is a REAL go-getter. He is an expert in high end properties AND high end buyers!

— Steve & Susan I.

I would highly recommend Josh Reef to anyone who wanted to sell their home. His knowledge and experience and the know how to make a sale happen for me was incredible. He was in a tough situation when he took my listing because the development I lived in was not built out yet and he had many obstacles to face even though my home was a high end property. He is a very courteous, understanding and loyal indi...

— Lucy A.

I have had the pleasure of working with Josh Reef on multiple high-end real estate deals including aligning rental property for A-List clientele, locating exclusive properties for Coachella, and engaging Josh to assist in facilitating key relationships in the Los Angeles Area. Josh’s impeccable attention to detail and relentless work ethic yield results which far exceed even the highest expectations. I h...

— Nikko L.

Josh is a powerhouse when it comes to hotel and development marketing strategies. His high level of commitment is inspiring, going above and beyond to connect with your target market, specifically with his vast social media reach. His passion and creativity is contagious to everyone he comes in contact with. Josh is the go-to person when in need of innovative ideas and an expert problem solver when deali...

— Davina P.

You wont find a top notch professional like this high energy individual that operates at lightning speed service when it comes to taking care of his clients needs. He uses cutting edge technology in every way possible to get deals done. His support team is very well known in the Real Estate high end arena and delivers the Results! He is one guy you need on your team when it comes to buying or selling Rea...

— Astrid A.

Josh is a very resourceful real estate professional with an impressive list of contacts. He captures what the buyer is looking for very quickly with a perceptive psychological sense and a seasoned experience. Whether in California or Florida he knows the market and his very good at matching the person and the property his recent professional move opens a new era for Josh.

— Thierry S.

Josh Reef is one of the most determined individuals I have ever met in the real estate industry. His positive attitude is infectious with his go-getter mentality, and so working with him as a Member of The Pinnacle List has been an absolute pleasure. Josh’s ability to elevate the awareness of his brand and sell luxury listings in an increasingly competitive global market is a tremendous asset for any sal...

— Marcus A.

I am a local Realtor® from the Palm Springs area in the Coachella Valley. I have been a licensed agent since 1991. A couple of years ago I met Josh online thru social media and then again thru mutual Realtor® friends in the desert. Again, at different Real Estate venues and finally, showing a couple of my listings. Did he leave an impression? Every time. Was he professional? Every time. Is he knowledgeab...

— RoseAnne F.

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