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A career with Plus One means you get access to better systems, better services, and better support. Buyer and seller needs and real estate technology and processes will continue to change, and we will continue to evolve. Join us, be a part of this industry transition, and embrace the opportunity to grow your business and provide your clients with the best possible service and results.

As an associate, what can I expect when partnering with Plus One Real Estate?

Dedicated to client care. Dedicated to you.


The real estate industry is changing radically and fast. At Plus One Real Estate, we see where the industry is headed, and we’re proudly leading the way. We believe many elements of the job can never be replaced by software or an app, so our team leverages top tech to empower our agents and improve the client experience. We’re looking to support and partner with motivated agents who are ready to evolve and want to embrace this new path.

Plus One Real Estate helps streamline tedious transactional details and provides marketing, legal, and compliance support. Our agents get to focus on building relationships, working their sphere of influence, nurturing past clients, and generating the referral business that’s critical to their long-term success.

Not all agents, just the best agents.

What we do is not for everyone. We look to partner with top producing agents who are dedicated to developing a market-leading business.

Your business sells time, not houses.

Your business sells time, not houses.

Best-in-class Productivity Platform
Plus One Real Estate allows you to streamline
your entire transaction process from end-to-end,
saving you hours on every deal.

Listing Coordination:
We make it easy to enter into agreement, and coordinate the vendors around your listing. Our system produces your marketing materials, posts to MLS, syndicates the listing, and reports on progress.

Writing Agreements:
We make it possible for you and anyone on your team to easily write a listing agreement or submit an offer from any device, including your phone, in under 10 minutes.

Transaction Management:
We take an active approach to coordinating your transaction, reviewing, and auditing your file as it is put together to ensure a quick and problem-free closing every time. We work directly with your TC, managing their work so you don’t have to.

Plus One innovates on your behalf, combining your expertise and talent with the technology and advertising sophistication of the leading real estate tech companies, making it possible for you to compete with them for clients online, at the first point of contact.

While Plus One Real Estate agents may cover different areas, they are always working in collaboration with each other, both online and in-person.

Plus One Real Estate provides our agents with the marketing and advertising sophistication of the leading real estate technology companies, making it possible for you to compete for all in-market buyers and sellers and be the first point of contact.

We make it easy for you to transition from your existing brokerage to working with Plus One Real Estate. We do this by implementing all of the systems you need to grow your business before you hang your license with us. This means you can continue to work on serving your clients, while we work to set up your business.




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